Faculty of Pharmacy Coordinators of Educational Stages Fundamental Role in the Process of Distance Learning 

The coordinators of the educational stages at the Faculty of Pharmacy make a great effort in the process of distance learning, where they have the responsibility to coordinate educational activities of all kinds in addition to preparing and organizing the weekly study schedules for all school years at the faculty in accordance with the academic plan adopted.

The coordinators of the educational stages also announce the schedules weekly using the approved systems of the college with the follow-up and monitoring of the implementation of the educational process throughout the day through the system of educational curricula Moodle and in accordance with the academic plan of the faculty.

The coordinators of the educational stages of the college are responsible for communicating with students, educational supervisors and members of the Faculty of Education around the clock using many electronic media in order to contribute to the continuity of the process of distance learning without disruption. It should be noted that although the study was suspended from the university headquarters more than a week ago, the Faculty of Pharmacy has succeeded from the first day in moving the educational process to distance learning 100% and according to the academic agenda and continuing to follow the interactive teaching methods followed in the faculty such as dilemma-based learning and team-based learning, and this was successfully contributed by the faculty team and outstanding faculty students.

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