The President of the University, Dr. Mohammed Saad, met yesterday morning with the new faculty members of the Faculty of Business Administration, in the presence of Dr. Sabri Gibran Al-Karghli, Dean of the Faculty.

The President of the University welcomed the new professors at the beginning of his speech wishing them success, noting that the successes achieved by the University since its founding 12 years ago and the levels of its output, which won the appreciation and admiration of many in the major scientific institutions at home and abroad, make it imperative for everyone to maintain this scientific excellence and seek to root it and deepen it further.

The President also spoke about the importance and role of the university’s systems, regulations and system of study and the date of its establishment, pointing out the vision and mission of the university and its educational objectives, and its constant keenness to develop and update its curricula to keep pace with scientific and educational developments.

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Business Administration was established to contribute to the achievement of the university’s vision and mission in building and preparing generations of distinguished professionals, based on the university’s philosophy of continuing learning and keenness to produce and disseminate integrated knowledge, through the provision of administrative and financial science specialties and applications in various fields.

The Business faculty awards a bachelor’s degree in various specialized fields such as: business management, marketing management, quality management, entrepreneurship, project management, accounting, finance and investment management, economics, and political science.

The faculty strives to be a recognized and leading director at both local and international levels, and is able to compete regionally and globally in the fields of cognitive specialization in management sciences.

With its unique offering at LIMU, the Business Administration Faculty is one of the leading local and regional Faculty, which adopt San Diego, Problem-Based Learning, ICT and quality assurance systems.

The faculty also adopts the teaching and evaluation curricula and foundations of the world’s leading business administration faculties, specifically in the United States, Canada, Britain and Western Europe, which adopt their standards and standards in their academic offering.


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