The Arab Experts Training and Consulting Company and the ISKill Center offer a training center for the Libyan International University of Medical Sciences

Management leadership skills course, with an approved certificate from the American Canadian Board for professional training

The venue of the course is Benghazi – the halls of the Libyan International University of Medical Sciences

The date is March 18, 2020

There is a morning group from 9 am to 2 pm

And another group evening from 3 pm until 8 pm

The program duration is 20 training hours

Course objectives:

-1 That the participant knows the meaning of each of the following concepts: leadership and management.

2- That the participant knows the leadership philosophy according to the latest developments in modern trends.

3- The participant mastered distinguished leadership skills.

4 – The participant applies leadership behaviors that lead to effectiveness, excellence, and success.

5 – The participant should apply the principles of Coz and Posner’s theory in distinguished leadership.

6 – That the participant is keen to show the spirit of the distinguished leader in his leadership

Course benefits:

-1 See the latest findings of modern driving directions.

2 – Relying on the results of experiences and field studies from the institutions in the world.

3- Using theoretical methods and practical workshops to deepen experiences.

4- Activating the Cosz and Posner global theory of leadership.

The most important contents of the course:

1- The concept of the foundations of administrative leadership

2 – Leadership and management philosophy, goals, duties, components, and characteristics.

3- The five main leadership behaviors of the successful leadership model of Coz and Posner.

4 – The ingredients of the five distinguished leaders of Sir Giovanni.

5- The three driving patterns of Sir Giovanni.

6- Effective speaking skills

7 – The right decision-making skill

– 8 skills of building charisma and personal balance.

9- The competencies required in the Leading Director according to the Hermann scale and the MBTI scale

Mayers- Briggs Type Indicator

10 – Practical workshops for many practical situations in leadership such as dealing with an employee who is not proficient in planning, or is unable to manage his work team, or is unable to build balanced social relationships with his colleagues, or is unable to create strategic visions for his department, and dealing with society Domestic and other cases.

11 – The most prominent leadership skills such as the skill of building a future vision and strategic directions, the skill of influencing others, and the skill of motivation, promotion, and encouragement,

12 – The skill of building human relationships, the skill of communication and communication, the skill of strengthening mental presence, the skill of making the right decision, the skill of training others and raising their levels, and other skills.

Course price

The price for individuals is 1150 Libyan dinars and for public authorities and companies 1550 dinars

It includes the training bag and certificates


The trainee obtains an accredited certificate from the Arab experts for training and consulting and the Libyan International University Medical Sciences Training Center

An approved certificate from the American Canadian Canadian Professional Training Board, to be delivered 45 days after the end of the course

To register and book your seat with us, click on the following link :

For inquiries and registration:

0913988704 _ 0925849031

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