The Libyan International University of Medical Sciences was established in 2007 in the city of Benghazi, known for its initiatives and creativity, as a reaction to the low level of higher education in Libya, and a serious attempt by a large number of university faculty members loyal to the homeland and Egyptians to provide a sophisticated and serious education, that rises to the level of scientific development And the quality of contemporary education in developed countries, believing that our students deserve this and that our national cadres are able to apply international standards and achieve global competitiveness.

The creation of this private institution came to provide a valuable opportunity that was not granted to the national teaching staff in public universities, as it is an independent university that does not aim to achieve profit at the expense of the quality of education and was not affected by direct political interference or student congestion that exceeds its capabilities, and despite the lack of support for it, its optimal use For what is available to it on its own, it enabled it to accomplish many academic tasks stemming from its national and pioneering responsibility to create an efficient graduate and able to break into the fields of work with merit and merit, as she undertook the preparation of advanced academic programs to accomplish the strategy of self-learning and continuing education for the first Once in the Libyan universities, applying the comprehensive quality system and electronic mechanization and carrying out self-evaluation programs periodically, in addition to establishing academic relationships with prestigious international bodies, organizations and universities with the aim of exchanging experiences, consultations and academic cooperation, as well as training their cadres and interested in improving opportunities for continuous development and emphasizing the values ​​of quality, excellence and ability University competitiveness, commitment to transparency and scientific honesty in implementing the announced and approved controls in student admission as well as in implementing educational programs. In order to achieve the university’s pioneering role and the importance of participation in the advancement and advancement of society, it has been committed since its foundation to participate and contribute to all civil activities and events, recognizing its responsibility to serve society as well as the tasks of education and scientific research in which all academics and students are immersed.

It has been achieved through the experience of this pioneering university to provide a classy scientific and educational environment that encourages the creation, creativity, and innovation, and avoids stereotypes, simulations, repetitions, and rejects indoctrination, which is no exception considering that the best international universities are private or private universities. The university praised many international experts and international institutions such as the British Education Quality Assurance Authority and the Stanford University’s world-first ranked American delegations, Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as its first ranking at the level of Libyan public and private universities in the first evaluation of the National Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of educational institutions.

The university includes the following faculties :
1) Faculty of Medicine.
2) Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine.
3) The Faculty of Pharmacy.
4) Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences(BMS).
5) Faculty of Information Technology.
6) The Faculty of Business Administration.

(*) Thesis:
Graduating specialists, highly qualified in various health fields, who have the ability to deal with the health needs of society.
Adopting lifelong learning strategies and interacting with health problems according to priorities at the national, regional and international levels.
Meeting the national needs for health research and professional development programs.
Attention to bioethics, patient legal rights, and community health care is a fundamental message.
The Libyan International University of Medical Sciences, which is the first private national medical university, is adopting a new and renewed strategy in teaching and learning represented by Problem-Based Learning(PBL)

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