Students of the third semester of the Faculty of Business Administration (LIMU) received a lecture this morning by Professor Nassif Al-Hassi in the Intermediate Accounting course, one of the basic subjects taught by the student after passing the Financial Accounting Principles course.

The intermediate accounting course focuses on some advanced accounting topics such as assets, liabilities, investments and other important topics, with their in depth study, and live examples of practical work within companies and public and private institutions.

The Faculty of Business Administration (LIMU) was established to contribute to the achievement of the vision and mission of the university in building and preparing generations of distinguished graduates, based on the philosophy of the university in continuous learning and keenness on the production and dissemination of integrated knowledge through providing the disciplines of administrative and financial sciences and their applications. various fields.

The faculty of Business Administration awards bachelor’s degrees in various fields of specialization such as: Business Administration, Marketing Management, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Accounting, Finance and Investment Management, Economics and Political Science.

The faculty seeks to be a distinguished and leading output at the local and international levels and is able to compete regionally and globally in the areas of knowledge specialization in management sciences.

The Faculty of Business Administration  with its distinguished offer at the Libyan International Medical University is one of the most important local and regional leading universities, English based learning, problem based learning, communication and information technology and quality assurance systems are foundations of its educational system.

The Faculty also adopts curricula, teaching and evaluation methods at the world’s leading business administration departments, especially in the United States, Canada, Britain and Western Europe, which adopt its standards and standards in its academic presentation.


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يصادف الاسبوع الثاني من شهر ديسمبر حدث "ساعة برمجة"
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المجلس الأكاديمي للجامعة يعقد اجتماعه الدوري الـ 23
المجلس الأكاديمي للجامعة يعقد اجتماعه الدوري الـ 23