Business Administration Students Receive an Academic Writing Skills Course

The students of the first semester of the Faculty of Business Administration received a lecture within the courses of \”Academic Writing\” Subject.

Which aims to provide students with a scientific material that helps them improve their writing skills and train them to follow the methods and styles used in scientific writing such as organizing ideas by drawing detailed and detailed lines before starting the writing process; Linguistic errors by taking into account grammatical structures of sentences and paragraphs and taking into account the appropriate punctuation; in addition to selecting and maintaining a certain pattern of documentation of scientific sources.

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Business Administration at the Libyan International Medical University adopts the Continuous Innovation & Development Strategy by introducing advanced curricula suited to the modern teaching methods that put the student in the center of the learning process (Student centered Education) So that the attitude of students changes from mere recipients of knowledge to participants in their making and acquiring..

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