BMS student's report discussion
second year Basic Medical Science students presented their reports to 3 panels, consisting of faculty staff members to discuss the reports together. The faculty of Basic Medical Sciences prepares the first three years of medicine students and first two years of dental students. Since last year, the faculty has added reports to the learning process. Students prepare them under supervision of their tutors and professors in 3 sessions. In the first session, the title is chosen. In the 2nd session, the report is reviewed with a tutor, and in the final report discussion session it is presented to the professors and any edits are made. The students then proceed to upload their report on LIMU\’s online learning page (Moodle) for future benefit and so it may become a scientific published report one day.
The faculty has adopted modern learning techniques, such as the life-long learning approach and self or independent learning, to compete with international higher educational institutes and improve the quality of higher education in Libya.
The faculty uses updated learning methods and curriculum, with a special focus on the practical aspects of medicine and professionalism. LIMU graduates are competent doctors who are confidently able to provide healthcare and medical services to the community. They also graduate as doctors who are able to undertake research and medical studies, which helps improve the quality of local health care
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