The Vice Dean for Public Affairs, Dean of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS), Dr. Abdullah Al-Mansooris held a ceremony in honor of the students in the third year in the presence of a number of faculty members of the college

1) Mohamed Tawfiq Shambash

2) Ghada ElShatiti

For the establishment of a scientific website specializing in human medicine, and the opportunity for all students and doctors to participate and benefit from it free of charge, in continuation of their scientific excellence and seriousness, which they have known since they were in the first year, through scientific participations such as their participation in the first Conference of Medical Sciences and Technology Institute For the comprehensive occupations in the city of Qomens.

It is worth noting that Shambesh and Al-Shatiti have established a free medical scientific website for doctors and medical students under the name of “Cases 101” and its link:

The site is concerned with the introduction of cases by doctors from all over Libya, for the students to study the human medicine and to know the details of the disease, and the method of diagnosis and treatment method from the point of view of the specialist doctor.

Cases 101 includes several sections, including Cases, which are divided into several categories or branches, each of which has a specific specialty in human medicine.

The second section, “Space 101,” is a creative space for students of human medicine, through which they can propose medical topics they have worked on in an exemplary manner and send them to the site team for review and evaluation. A short educational video, to explain the subject in a simplified and understandable way to all people.

The last section is the “101 Blog” section, through which the team publishes the latest developments in the medical world (inside and outside Libya) to include the latest treatment techniques, diseases spread in certain areas, etc.

The students  Shambesh and Shatiti assure  to provide all that is useful, and that the site will see additions and updates in the next few months.


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